about our academy

Burke’s Karate teaches self-control, self-discipline, and confidence through the principles of Silkisondan Karate.

Silkisondan Karate is a style of martial arts founded by Master Thinh Nguyen. Master Russ Burke began his study with Master Thinh in 1981, and has attained his 5th Degree Black Belt in Silkisondan, Tae Kwon-do, Combat Hapkido, and Kickboxing.

“Silki”, or “sieu khi” means “advanced breathing strength. “Sondan” means “two ways”. Burke’s Karate teaches the hard and soft elements of martial arts, emphasizing the ability to think through any situation. Our value and power is derived from our attitude, and being harmonious with nature and with others. The lessons we learn in the dojo help us attain fuller lives away from the dojo.

Your First Day is Free

FREE? Heck yeah, I’ll take it! Martial Arts teaches children self confidence, self respect, respect for others, and valuable life skills. So, what can you accomplish in a day?


“I signed my son up for the one month trial and he absolutely loves it! Just the first month he has been at Burke’s he has already learned so much and I already notice a little boost in his confidence. We feel like we have been apart of Burke’s for a while the atmosphere is so welcoming ! Burke and all of the AMAZING instructors take time to make sure everyone is on the same page and my son has felt very comfortable! We will definitely be staying here for a very long time!”

– Tasha D.

My family and I have been students at Burke’s Karate Academy since 2016 and the dojo has been such an important part of our lives for many years now. Beyond the practical aspect of physical training for self defense purposes, it has enriched our lives in more ways than expected. Increased confidence, discipline, and consistency are skills that we’ve learned …in addition to blocks, punches, and kicks (of course). I appreciate the well rounded education that Master Burke provides. He and his instructors have created an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable in their training, no matter age or fitness level. You’re challenged to be the best version of yourself each time you step onto the mat. If you’re looking for quality martial arts training, this is it.”

– Jillyan B.

Wonderful place to train! Master Burke’s teaching is brilliant and encouraging. On the business side, he is attentive, fair and honest. His gentle spirit and integrity are a breath of fresh air! My daughter and I are very happy to be apart of this school.”

– Angela M.

If you are looking for an inclusive, challenging, friendly place to learn martial arts or further your practice; BKA is the perfect place. I am getting a well-rounded, quality education of fundamentals and techniques – it isn’t just about getting a black belt and not about who punches the hardest. I love the community, and it feels like a second family.”

– Erik M.

A Kickboxing Trip for the books!

Hey there Kickers! Master Burke, along with school instructors Chris Yearwood and Pete Knowlton, flew the friendly skies this past weekend to Memphis, TN. Home of Elvis & and for many years, our favorite lefty Bill Superfoot Wallace. They trained,  laughed and...

Karate During Covid

Like many of you, we’re adapting to COVID. This means smaller classes, lessons on ZOOM, and extra cleaning of the Dojo!

Master Burke in Hall of Fame

Sensei Burke joined legendary martials artists in the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Kali…Oh! Stick Fighting!

As made popular by such movies as The Bourne Identity, The Hunted, and The Book of Eli, the Filipino system of Kali has taken the America media market by storm.

Karate? Tae Kwon-Do? Hapkido? Judo? Kung Fu?

Which one is the best? The answer is, ALL OF THEM! Depending, of course, on what you’re looking for.

5 Reasons Kids Should Take Karate

While I can think of hundreds of reasons why everyone should take karate, I'm especially passionate about these five. 1. Physical Benefits: Children who take karate are learning a healthy lifestyle by staying active, which, as most parents know, is difficult to do in...

5 Reasons Adults Should Take Martial Arts

I was in a store picking up a loaf of bread the other day after class and while I generally don’t parade around in my gi (uniform), I didn’t have a change of clothes and let’s face it, if the wife wants you to pick up something on your way home from work, you pick it...

Self Protection with Combat Hapkido

Combat Hapkido is a realistic and versatile discipline of self defense and is well suited for both men and women of all ages and sizes.