lil' dragons

Martial arts schools across the country are learning the value of implementing an effective program that teaches children self confidence, self respect, respect for others and valuable life skills.  Burke’s Karate Lil’ Dragons is based on a nationally recognized and award winning program currently in use at over 800 martial arts schools across the country.  Burke’s Karate Academy proudly teaches  the Lil’ Dragon curriculum to children aged four to six.  Students at Burke’s Karate Lil’ Dragon program will develop terrific life skills that will not only help them focus better and listen better, but will encourage them to grow both physically and mentally in a positive way.  And with childhood obesity becoming an ever-increasing problem, we tackle the issue head-on by playing “games” that promote physical fitness, as well as improve hand-eye coordination and balance.

The Burke’s Karate Lil’ Dragon Program provides children with a whole life approach to making smart choices that will have a long term positive impact on their physical and mental health.  While Lil’ Dragons is an excellent introduction into the satisfying world of martial arts, it is first and foremost a character development program, teaching a child to be more assertive while stressing self restraint and good listening skills.

If you think that your child would make a good Lil’ Dragon, we encourage you to stop by the dojo and let them try a class.  There are no pre-requisites to joining, and there are no sidelines-everyone gets to participate!  

Your tryout will be at no cost to you, and parents are welcome to have a seat, use our complimentary wi-fi, and watch their children get started with Burke’s Karate.

If your child (and you, of course!) enjoys the class, we offer simple month-to-month memberships, and there are no hidden equipment or testing fees.