Master Burke in Hall of Fame

On January 24, 2015, Master Rusty Burke was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. The ceremony, at the Tropicana Resort Hotel & Casino, was attended by over 1,200 martial artists. These included practitioners of many martial arts styles, masters, grand masters, martial arts legends, and famous martial arts actors. Also in attendance was international martial arts star Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.
Master Burke said, “It was really exciting for me because I was personally nominated by “Superfoot.” He’s an undefeated world champion kickboxer and I’ve always been in awe of his devastating kicks. But seeing some of my idols and meeting these amazing martial artists reminded me that, while it was a great honor to enter the Hall of Fame, the study of Karate is a lifelong dedication. I’ve learned much, but I’m still on a path to learn more.”
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