A Kickboxing Trip for the books!

Hey there Kickers! Master Burke, along with school instructors Chris Yearwood and Pete Knowlton, flew the friendly skies this past weekend to Memphis, TN. Home of Elvis & and for many years, our favorite lefty Bill Superfoot Wallace. They trained,  laughed and more importantly,  spent time with our Superfoot family from around the country. They toured Elvis’s Graceland and heard some amazing stories from Bill around his tenure in town as teacher and friend to the one and only Elvis Presley. They had a workout at the Tennessee Karate Institute where Elvis hired Bill to teach so he had a place to train. Many have seen a video floating around of Elvis’s demonstration.. This was the place! [seen here] They also had the extreme honor of participating in the rank test for the Superfoot System. Burke’s Karate Academy Congratulates Master Burke – 5th Dan, Pete Knowlton – 3rd Dan, Chris Yearwood – 2nd Dan. Congratulations to all that tested. Keep up the great work!